Properties With A Touch Of Class, Inc.

Bonus Winners!!!

Properties With A Touch Of Class, Inc., does an Annual Bonus Drawing for all those whom have booked a Vacation through us.(*see our promotional Bonus Page for details) we also believe in giving back to our Veterans!! 

Along with our Annual Bonus Drawings and giving back to our Veterans, Properties With A Touch Of Class, Inc. , has also donated to Non Profits like Pueblo Rescue Mission. Below are our winners for the Annual Bonus Drawing!! 

Annual Bonus Winners:

“2014” Bonus Winner/ J.Berthiaume;

“2015” Bonus Winner/ W. Mitchell 

“2016” Bonus Winner/ S. Voeltz

“2017” Bonus Winner/ N. Steffens

“2018” Bonus Winner/ C. Ormsbee

“2019” Bonus Winner/ J. Baier

“2020” Bonus Winner/ S. Voeltz


Veteran Bonus Winners:

“2014” Lajoi P.

“2015” Greg C.

“2016” Zac C. 

“2017” Jeramey H.

“2018” Timothy H.

“2019” Phil K.

“2020” Tasha C.







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