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Properties With A Touch of Class, Inc., is changing the Precept, Concept, and Reality of Vacation Getaways!! The description of our Vacation Getaways, along with the Cost & Value, is 2nd to none. The Precept and Concept is first, as to Thought, Consideration & Presentation, as none other within the 21st Century.

As perceived, Grand Leisure is only available & eligible for those that manifest themselves, as belonging to the Rich & Powerful 1%. However, Properties With A Touch Of Class, Inc., offers the concept of Grand Leisure to all those, whom have not experienced the opportunity of such Elegant Pleasure. To the Middle Class & to those whom have contemplated & desired the pleasure of National & International Vacation Getaways; Properties With A Touch Of Class, Inc. makes stated concept affordable!!!

You, as our guest, deserve the Highest Quality, Value, and Opportunity to “Planet Earth’s” Finest, Elegant and Exquisite Vacation Getaways!!!

As to the Premiere Travel Environment, and to the most Exquisite Experience that can and must be presented within the 21st Century; Properties With A Touch Of Class, Inc., is second to none and invokes the Realities of such Elegant, Leisure & Desired Travel Pleasure!!!

Payment options are available and Properties With A Touch Of Class, Inc., charges NO BOOKING FEES AND NO CANCELLATION FEES. Call 888-482-2545/ or email!!! (*Some bookings do require payment in full)

Booking/Reservation changes will commence a fee of $50 per change: Dates, Room Size, Guest /Booking Party, etc.. (these are any changes after the booking has been made)


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The Author is a World Traveler and understands first hand, that, all people who dwell on “Planet Earth”; are all interconnected. The Now Generation/ “The New Greatest Generation”, World Wide, have concluded to the statement just given; as fact. We, at the Evans Corporate Conglomerate, Inc. understand the concept that “Planet Earth” is the “Big Blue Marble”; and, all people upon this “Big Blue Marble” are interconnected more so than at any other time, as to the History of Humanity. Our Concepts, Beliefs and Communication, to and with each other, will and must advance into the 21st Century!!!



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